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  • Energetics efficiency
  • Connectivity
  • Useability
  • Safety

The most suitable range of temperature and humidity control

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AKO New features


The New Generation of Controllers for Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration.

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Termómetros y controladores de temperatura sometidos a control metrológico.

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Visualizador AKO-D17023 de temperatura y humedad según Real Decreto 1826/2009.

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A wide range or controllers for managing various applications.

They consist of control algorithms designed to achieve greater energy efficiency.

The equipment incorporates communications to allow synchronised joint operation. It has intelligent menus and easy browsing for quicker and more intuitive configuration. Key shortcuts provide direct access to the most common functions to speed up the most usual operations.

Preventive maintenance is asssured by storing HACCP and installation status information in memory.

  • AKOControl Darwin

    • Controladores MURAL, DIN y PID
    • probes and accessories

    AKOControl Darwin H

    • Termómetros sometidos a Control Metrológico de acuerdo con la Normativa ITC/3701/2006
    • probes and accessories


    • temperature controllers, 4 relays panel
    • AKOSOL - solar energy thermometers
    • AKOTIM - modular controls (HACCP)
    • compressors pack controls
    • industrial control
    • PID controllers
    • Temperature controllers, DIN rail mounting
    • probes and accessories


    • AKO-D17023 temperature and humidity controller
    • temperature controllers, wall mounting
    • temperature controls small format
    • temperature controllers, standard panel
    • LCD thermometer
    • probes and accessories