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When I put the system's time forward, do I lose visibility of the logs accessing via the user menu?

No, you still have it, but you will lose continuity in the graphs you want to print (time imbalance).

The clock is flashing, what has happened?

A fault has occurred in the electricity supply for a long time and the internal battery has been used up.

Do I have to configure the logger every time a Summer to Winter and vice versa time change occurs?

If the Time change option is in automatic mode, this is not necessary.

If I have the automatic time change activated, what will happen if I put the time back or forward?

The same will happen if the time is manually put back or forward.

The device has suffered many changes of date/time in few days and I cannot access the data recorded during that period.

In these cases, the device may have problems to locate the logs due to inconsistencies in time or date.

When you print the graphs, in some inputs the message “ Probe error” appears and it does not print the graph of that input.

Or the probe connected to that probe is broken, or there is no probe connected in that input.

Why are the graphs of some inputs not printed?

As it is in a probe error or is deactivated.

Stains across the printer paper have started to appear.

This means that the roll is about to finish.

I have several dataloggers connected together forming a RS485 network (Modbus), what happens if I quickly print from the master logger?

The graph of all the active inputs of the device + the graphs of all the active inputs of the connected devices will be printed.

The device is not showing me the logged data of the day that is underway.

If the memory block underway contains data from the previous day we must access the previous day to display it.

I have programmed a timed log, what happens if the electricity supply fails and the battery runs out?

When the electricity supply comes back, the device will start to log immediately.

What happens if the logger is started with the battery disconnected or not charged?

The device will start up with the date/time of the last stored log.

If the log is stopped, can I display the stored data?

Yes the stored data are visible regardless of the operating mode.

The battery icon is flashing, what does this mean?

The battery is disconnected or does not operate correctly.

The screen shows the programmed log detention icon, how can I cancel this programming?

Access the log mode menu, stop the log and start it again in REC mode