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Internationally Certified

We offer customized solutions that comply with UL certification and with an immediate time to market.
The inspection programs are based on current Spanish and interna­tional standards IEC 61439, UNE EN 60439-1, and specifically:

  • UL 485 Motor Control Centers for US & Canada
  • UL 508 Industrial Control Panels for US
  • NITW7 Industrial Control Panels for Canada
  • UL 891 Dead-Front Switchboards for US
  • WEVZ27 Dead-Front Switchboards for Canada
  • UL 845 Motor Control Centers for US
  • NJAV7 Motor Control Centers for Canadá
    We also offer a 2 year guarantee programme for all products.
    Our quality program includes all the necessary studies and all types of tests to guarantee the design and development, assem­bly and servicing processes of all the components.
    Our company is also certified by ISO9001 Quality System and ISO14001 Environmental System.