A specific solution for each and every Gas Leak Detection need. The AKOGAS range covers all needs, relating to both Premature Leak Detection and International Regulatory Compliance

The AKOGAS range can be subdivided into two solutions:

  • High-precision, selective, robust devices with Infra-red Technology, designed especially for Premature Leak Detection and Regulatory Compliance
  • Devices with Semiconductor Technology for adherence to the International Regulatory Environment focused on the safety of people


Early Detection
Safety of People
High Precision ok
High Selectivity ok
Work temperature -30ºC -20ºC
IP68 ok ok
Leak Level Indication ok
Leak Record ok
Alarm & Prealarm ok ok
Alarm Levels Configurable 2 Sets to choose
EN-378 y RD-138/2011 ok ok
MODBUS ok ok
Detects from 20ppm 1500ppm (HFC) /4000ppm (CO2)
Influence of other Gases Very Low Medium / High
Influence of Humidity Very Low Very Low
Influence of Cleaning Products / Alcohols Very Low Medium
Valid for Early Detection ok
Valid for Regulatory Compliance ok ok

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