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AKO is a team of professionals dedicated to ensure the most critical part of your business. We are committed to build and sustain long lasting relationships with partners and clients all over the world by designing, manufacturing and developing products, applications and solutions for our consumers. We base our business operations on trust and a 0 risk guarantee.


We started our path over 4 decades ago when five people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit decided to create a company focused on the needs of the temperature control and regulation sector. That was back in 1978. Since then, we haven´t stopped evolving to become the company we are today.

AKO is currently operating in three business units:

AKOSYS - Refrigeration Regulation and Control Solutions. We are our client´s technological partner to preserve the cold chain.

MES - Electrical Energy Distribution Solutions. We are certified to work both in IEC/EN and UL markets.


Our strength is supported by forth pillars: people, internationalization, partnership and innovation.


The human factor is the true engine of the company. AKO´s team is composed by a renowned group of professionals from different backgrounds, nationalities and disciplines. They provide the necessary knowledge and attitude to deliver customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We have also developed internship programs with universities to support the new generation of professionals in the engineering sector.


AKO is an internationally driven company. We are expanding, going where our clients go, our market and business operations have no frontiers. Se have been involved in business in over 90 countries. We manage our worldwide operations from our headquarters in Barcelona and from subsidiaries in México, Portugal and Turkey.


We don´t work alone. We aim to develop solid business relationships not only with our clients but also with our key providers. We team up in order to design joint solutions that offer an added value to our customers and become a real differential factor in the market, a collaborative approach that definitely make us all more competitive.


AKO´s expansion and growing strategy propel our need to be always ahead of the ever changing markets. We assign 10% of our benefits to R+D. We have built an experimentation lab in our own premises. We work closely in an open innovation model research with Universities, Organizations, clients and providers to come up with solutions that meet the needs of the sector.


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